Yash Mathur

Hi! My name is Yash Mathur

Breakneck learner, technology enthusiast, and an aspiring software engineer


Hey there! I'm a 3rd year Computer Science student at the University of Waterloo who loves solving problems using my technical and collaborative skills. I'm currently looking for Fall 2019/Winter 2020 internships.
My strongest languages are Ruby, C++ and Javascript, having written over 10,000 lines in each of them. I've worked on numerous projects in Go, Scheme and Java. I'm very interested in infrastructure engineering and building tools to improve developer productivity.
Outside of computer science, my interests include playing classic rock songs on the guitar, swimming and playing football. I'm a die hard Manchester United fan.


Grand Rounds Software Engineering Intern January '19 - April '19
I'm currently working at Grand Rounds, helping Americans get access to the best healthcare
  • Implementing path based routing and service discovery on the Kubernetes cluster using Istio
  • Developed a CLI tool to unify workflows across projects in Go
    • Reduced onboarding time for new developers from 5 days to less than a day
    • Developed a way to persist directory specific environment variables, reducing shell startup time by 5s on average
    • Built a channel to ensure consistent development environments through updates from the platform team
  • Built several features for Grand Rounds' patient app
    • Wrote backend logic to allow filtering providers by search radius based on location
    • Migrated parts of the app to adopt the React Context API, leading to cleaner code
    • Identified and fixed several security vulnerabilities
Shopify Software Engineering Intern Jan '18 - Apr '18
I worked on the Exchange marketplace for buying and selling Shopify stores
  • Migrated the project's front end to React
    • Built React components in TypeScript
    • Improved homepage loading speed by 1s (60% improvement)
    • Optimized an i18n library to load only required translations
  • Developed a Kafka pipeline to track several bulk events on the platform
  • Built a comprehensive banning system to reduce fraud on the platform
  • Implemented full text search for listings using ElasticSearch
Shopify Software Engineering Intern May '17 - August '17
I worked on the Exchange marketplace for buying and selling Shopify stores
  • Built a filtering and sorting system for listings using ElasticSearch
  • Developed an email webhook to mask buyer and seller emails
  • Added backend capability for sellers to report fraudulent buyers


Spingroup Go Spingroup is a Go package that enables developers to build CLIs that display spinners for concurrent processes. I'm building a terminal UI around it.
StockSense Java, Android API, PHP StockSense enables users to track the stock market in real time. It offers some really cool features like portfolio management, watchlist, and alerts
ASCIInator Python, Python PIL ASCIInator is a python app that converts images into ASCII art. It adjusts the size of the image based on input parameters to maintain image quality.
HyperSpace C, OrbitOLED, Orbit Booster HyperSpace is a space shooter computer game that uses the Tiva Launchpad and Orbit Booster as a controller. The goal is to shoot down aliens while avoiding getting hit by them.
Split React Split is a web app that helps users split the bill among friends built in React.js. I'm working on integrating it with Facebook and Yelp to support friend lists and locations.
Alarmbae Java, Android API, VR SDK Alarmbae is a Virtual Reality alarm. When your alarm goes off, the app goes into VR mode and plays a song until you find all of the 20 cubes. Built at TerribleHack.


Want to get in touch?

Shoot me an email at yash97mathur@gmail.com