Yash Mathur

Hi! My name is Yash Mathur

Breakneck learner, technology enthusiast, and an aspiring software engineer


Shopify Developer Intern May '17 - August '17 I worked on the Exchange team that's helping Shopify retain its merchants by allowing them to sell their stores instead of just shutting them down completely.
Waterloop Embedded Sytems Team November '16 - March '17 University of Waterloo's and Canada's only team to SpaceX's Hyperloop competition. I worked on the dashboard of the pod. We were the first to achieve pneumatic levitation.
Upetch Ventures Full stack developer July '16 - Sept '16 A startup based in Mumbai, India, Upetch Ventures aims to assist budding entrepreneurs and businesses create an online presence. I worked on web projects for several clients both single handedly and led a team of developers.


StockSense Java, Android API, PHP StockSense enables users to track the stock market in real time. It offers some really cool features like portfolio management, watchlist, and alerts
ASCIInator Python, Python PIL ASCIInator is a python app that converts images into ASCII art. It adjusts the size of the image based on input parameters to maintain image quality.
HyperSpace C, OrbitOLED, Orbit Booster HyperSpace is a space shooter computer game that uses the Tiva Launchpad and Orbit Booster as a controller. The goal is to shoot down aliens while avoiding getting hit by them.
PyArt Python PyArt is a python app that generates abstract art for the user. It creates a new image every time it's run. Currently in development.
Split React Split is a web app that helps users split the bill among friends built in React.js. I'm working on integrating it with Facebook and Yelp to support friend lists and locations.
Alarmbae Java, Android API, VR SDK Alarmbae is a Virtual Reality alarm. When your alarm goes off, the app goes into VR mode and plays a song until you find all of the 20 cubes. Built at TerribleHack.